About Us

Where we are based?

We are a U.S.A. company and we have developed our business here.

How long in business?

In May 2002 we started the long path to what is now our business.

Our commitment

We wanted to offer you high quality products, competitive prices and beautiful designs for the modern woman. 

Our product and how we make it

In Alpaca by Karim we are proud to make and craft our own alpaca products offering pure alpaca and blends as well.  Some styles are available in more than one blend. 

Our alpaca garments are not massive made but instead carefully handle and made one by one in a professional knitting shop. We design and then made, detail and tailor every single piece from yarn, not from rolls of pre-knitted fiber as are made in big factories. We make our alpaca product either handmade, hand crafted by a personal domestic knitting machine (old fashion knitting) or using a combination of both.

Avoiding an industrial process in our alpaca line is not a logistic or financial decision, we do not want to make our sweaters in an industrial machine, making them in a domestic machine is the main key of our process. In an industrial machine the roll is cut and then parts are sewed together to construct the desired piece. A piece made in a domestic machine from yarn compared with the same design made in an industry is completely different. Our Garment will drape and flow beautifully, we will shape the sweater as the body needs and we will apply the right tension to the knitting to improve how it fits. It drastically will overcome on everything to the one made in an industry.

Our Jewelry 

As karim Jewelry we want o follow the trends. We desing and make our jewelry using natural stones, crystals, sterling silver, 14K gold Filled. We make most f them but sometimes we complement our own collection with selected pieces that we do not make.

We want to hear fro you

Still, we want to keep our business personal for better and worst. If we fail in our promises let us know, we are open to positive criticism, but overall, we have primarily the intention to satisfied you with our products and our service to deliver them to you with honesty.

Social Commitment

For every single piece sold on-line we donate one dollar to Peruvian Organizations who works for children and communities in need seeking to create a sustainable future.

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