"Classic" Buttoned Men Vest


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If not in inventory this style takes up to 8 weeks to deliver. Some colors are discontinued as Rusty, Blended Green and Denim Blue.

About this style:

  • “V” Neck Vest, relaxed fit, light weight
  • Sleevesless, Simple knit
  • Lightweight, not bulky, practical fiber, well made, nice fit, comfortable to wear, great insulation, no balls after use, hypoallergenic, soft on the skin as cashmere, hard to get wrinkles,  stronger than wool. Keeps the shape after use or wash. Durable, Artisan made.
  • 70% Alpaca 30%Acrylic
  • Machine washable/Hand Wash/ Dry Clean. Machine wash: Put the garment in a well fitted laundry/mesh bag, cold water, separated from any other garment, gentle cycle, soft soap; lay flat on the shade to dry and low iron over a white cotton fabric piece if is necessary.



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