Alpaca Colors - Chart Sizing








Alpaca Classification

We use: Baby Alpaca (the softest) and Fine Alpaca ( Not as thin as baby alpaca but generally speaking same in softness) . We use pure or blend.  We have most of the styles available in different yarns. If you are looking for 100% pure alpaca yarn: Some styles are better in baby alpaca than in Fine Alpaca (and vice versa). If we need more body, probably is better FS Alpaca. Contact us if you want a personalized advice.


Palette A (70% Fine Alpaca 30% Acrylic)

Colors are very close to the real yarn color

Some Colors are discontinued or not always available in our yarn sources


Palette Baby Alpaca and Acrylic (55% Baby Alpaca 45 % Acrylic)

Palette 100% Baby Alpaca 


Palette 100% FS Alpaca (Fine Alpaca)